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At-Home Mobile Massage


In-Studio Newbury, MA


Servicing Massachusetts & Maine

A Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you to this Earth home that welcomes us

Thank you to our sacred bodies that hold us

Thank you to the plants that offer their guidance and medicine

Thank you to the sacred waters that help us release and receive

Thank you to the salt and the clay that help us return to our wholeness

Thank you the land guardians that have helped steward for generations

Thank you to the lineage holders of these herbal and bodywork practices

And thank you for being here in this anointing  


Abdominal Massage

Integrating the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage®, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage, I custom create sessions to help meet the needs of each client. This massage can include areas such as the "belly," diaphragm, psoas, uterus, sacrum, low back, and pelvis, and more. The first session includes an herbal pelvic steam if appropriate and you leave with instructions on self-massage skills to continue your healing at home. More info on steaming is in services below.

Indicated for the following and more...

  • Fertility complications, PMS and menstrual pain (physical or emotional), endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS & ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse, painful intercourse, reoccurring vaginal infections, post birth care, post miscarriage care, post abortion care, menopause

  • Reoccurring bladder infections or UTIs, urinary frequency, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, headaches, prostate issues

  • Anxiety, depression, spiritual disconnection

*Please read more about the lineage of this Maya healing on The Arvigo Institute® website* much of this work revolves around realigning the uterus for optimal functioning to help relieve the above symptoms.

Initial appointment: 2 hours, including steam $190 or

                                 1.5 hours, no steam $130

Follow-up: 90 minutes $130

*travel fees added for mobile services


Herbal Anointing Massage

Using handcrafted herbal oils that I personally make with organic ingredients and loving prayer, as well as botanical infusions from other creators, this massage is all about honoring your sacred vessel with help from the plants. 

Herbal infused oils, are one of the safest ways to use herbs. We will customize the plants used to meet your needs. *Note this is very different from essential oils, however, I occasionally use these in small amounts* 

30 minutes  $60 (as add-on to other services only)

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $130 

120 minutes $190

*travel fees added for mobile services


Pelvic (Yoni) Steam

We steam to be in deeper connection, and to focus less on "fixing" or "cleaning" and more on acceptance with the deeper parts of Self.


Using a travel cedar box, mini crockpot, heated water, and herbs matched to your present needs, you can take this time to tune into your foundation and intuition held within this sacred space. Some of the time will include a guided embodiment meditation or music if you'd like.

Indicated for and much more...

  • menstrual irregularity, painful periods, vaginal itchiness, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness

  • prolapse, post-birth support

  • disconnection from creativity, inner voice, intuition, direction, joy, and pleasure

  • physical/energetic "armoring" 

40 minutes $50

*travel fees added for mobile services

yoni steam.webp

Herbal Bath & Scrub

For at-home sessions that can provide a bathtub, I premake a strong herbal infusion of plants designed for your current needs determined from our phone consultation. A jar of handcrafted herbal salt scrub and instruction on self-application is given. After your massage, I'll draw you a bath and pour this "tea" in for you to integrate with support from our botanical allies.

One person bath including scrub $55

*travel fees added for mobile services

herbal bath for website.jpg

Herbal Tea Meditation

After we have a consultation to see what is arising in your life, what you'd like to release, and what you'd like to bring in, I custom craft a tisane blend (herbal tea). We will enjoy a mini ceremony together that includes a guided meditation to connect with the plants on physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual planes of consciousness. You will go home with a few more servings to brew of this blend to continue deepening in your connection.

45 minute session including take-home blend $70 

*travel fees added for mobile services


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

"As above, so below" - our cranium and pelvis mirror one another in physicality as well as in energetics, just as the moon and the tides do, and the earthly seasons and star transits do.


Using light and gentle touch, this practice is based on orienting to the health of the client's innate wholeness. It is a whole body and whole being approach that is attuned to the subtleties of the nervous system. Through the relational field between practitioner and client, we can address areas of dysfunction where imprints (feelings/emotions, birthing experience, injuries, traumas, etc) have created contraction in the system. This practice is rooted in co-regulation of our nervous systems, deep listening, and allowance of the body to return to its optimal health. During the session, the client stays fully clothed, and the practitioner orients to the innate intelligence (instead of disease), senses into the craniosacral tides, and places contact on areas such as the head, sacrum, feet, and extremities. Vocalization is welcome, yet silence tends to be the best resource here.

*I'm currently deepening my training in this modality, and I can integrate this into all of my sessions. Please reach out if you'd like to experience a practice session of just BCST. 

Indicated for anything from headaches to post surgery rehab to birth trauma to emotional and spiritual distress.

My teacher, Dr. Kate Klemer has a beautiful reflection on what BCST is. Please read more here on her website.


Nicole Stratis
Licensed Massage Therapist: Massachusetts #17397-MT and Maine #MT7141

serenity photo.jpg

A warm welcome to you. I'm grateful you're here!

In my bodywork practice, I orient to your wholeness and focus on presence and acceptance with what is. I see the true healer as the innate intelligence held within your body and many times it needs to be witnessed and seen to be expressed fully. If there is a goal, it is to guide people home into their bodies with safety and support. It is through my own journey to regain trust with my body that I share my love and devotion to honoring our vessels. The anointing is that of union.  


A few words on my body story... 

During my teenage initiation, I found myself lost in the underworld with confusion and existential grief. My suffering expressed through an eating disorder that had me in cycles of harm with my body. Upon years of reflection, I see that my soul-intuition-sensual nature was screaming to be embraced in a culture where the feminine voice has been oppressed in all of us. Community support has allowed me the greatest transformation, and this includes plant and earth connection. I continually find myself sourcing from a well of compassion that brings me to practices of slowness and nurturance.  My daily life includes these practices, and it is from this place that I come to you resourced and passionate to share so that you too may experience acceptance of your body, relief from suffering, and YES... even pleasure, joy, and bliss! I service all bodies and beings that are called to receive. It is an honor to be able to provide these ancient practices of embodiment to you, as they were gifted to me and are meant to be shared.

Stemming from my own past, I'm also inspired to service those that have just entered puberty and want to learn how to care for their own bodies from a place of healthy power and wisdom. See below under "scheduling".



Ashland Institute of Massage 800 hour Certification

The Arvigo Institute® Professional Training

Ho'omana Spa in Maui Lomi Lomi Training

Peirsman Craniosacral Academy in New Mexico 

*Currently in 700 hour Biodynamic Craniosacral program with Dr. Kate Klemer & The Divine Structure School*

Multiple Herbal Internships in Vermont & Oregon

Many years working on veggie farms and in herbal gardens

Yoga Teacher Training from Burlington Yoga in Vermont




Travel fees added for mobile services

*Available for small gatherings, retreats, and ceremonies in Massachusetts and Maine*

*10% service discount for teens ages 13-17 (with parental consent)*

*I offer one 20% off appointment per week for an adult, no questions asked, so please let me know if you want it*

Logo created by Cady Janelle and Website designed by your's truly 

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